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Think of Burkert while driving car and remember to wear seatbelt!

Seatbelts help reduce the risk of injury in many types of crashes. They help to properly position occupants to maximize the airbag's benefits and --unlike airbags-- they also protect occupants in multiple-collision crashes. Therefore, it is important that seatbelts always be worn, even in airbag-equipped vehicles.

During seat belt manufacturing process the molded solution must be stirred well as well as mixed in proper proposition with water. If fails to follow these conditions then the solution would become dry sooner.

Here in this system we have installed two pneumatic diaphragm valve TYPE 2031 and Flow transmitter without display TYPE 8030. This system used for batch filling and control application. Once the desired volume achieved for the tank then relay would shut of valves and pump . So the volume of the batch would be monitored using flow sensor TYPE 8030 and shut off done with the help of pneumatic diaphragm valve TYPE 2031.

This scope of supply consist of entire system including SS panel , relay , pneumatic diaphragm valve , flow sensor and internal wiring are Burkert .