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Think of Burkert while drinking milk every day !

Drinking milk is vital for every human hence we have been told to drink It all the day. Proponents of milk have calcium and other vitamins as well as minerals which make it an important part of all age people.

Measuring the milk in the bulk tank is done by reading the level of milk in the tank indicated on a calibrated measuring stick. The bulk milk tank calibration is the responsibility of the dairy producer under the supervision of the milk buyer (plant or co-op) and the state regulatory agency. All tanks must be calibrated to assure the accuracy of the measuring stick readings and chart conversions.

Before loading and unloading, the bulk milk tank must be washed with hot water where Burkert Process valve does the job with the help of intelligent control head TYPE 8681. Thanks for the designing of Burkert control top TYPE 8681 and TYPE 8691 which glows LED with Green and Yellow.

Burkert Control head TYPE 8681 and TYPE 8691 has suitable for other valve manufacturer also with suitable adaptor kits. Please Click Here to view installation kit for all Burkert control tops.


Control head 8691 installation pic

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