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As solution expert in this pneumatic conveying field we speak the language of absorption, purification, compression, blowdown and separation and our valves, sensors and controllers are

Deployed in a wide range of sizes with the right certifications, norms and standards


This conveying system plays major role in the food processing industry such as poultry processing , bakeries , sea food processing , snack food production , etc. These industrial applications has installed set up of more traditional system with blower. Which increase more compressed air and continues computer monitoring facility due to the nature of the required accuracy. Hence Burkert introduced velocity / flow controlled process valve which continuously monitors pressure drop across the pipe of inlet and outlet with the help of closed loop system. Such compact design minimize the blower cost , computer as it has own PID controller and energy saving due to minimizing compressed air requirement. Burkert has been designing and installing flow control systems for the food industry for more than 50 years so has developed an in-depth knowledge of the requirements for success as we speak well of pneumatic conveying language.


Burkert‘s continuous innovation has produced a range of equipment which has become the standard for compressors and dryers. Our intelligent, space-saving engineered solutions, coupled with supply chain services, are relied on by top-level international manufacturers, offering process security and peace of mind. Pneumatic conveying conditions are achieved automatically monitoring and adjusting air speed velocity ( proportional control based on monitoring inlet & outlet air pressure ) of the blower system while conveying process instead of vacuum conveying system.


Burkert TYPE 8750 Flow Controller serves to measure and control volumetric fl ow rate on the differential pressure principle. It consists of a 2712 control valve with an 8630 Top Control, two 8323 pressure transmitters and an optional 8400 temperature transmitter. The overall precision is ±3% of full scale. These components together form a module. The sensors are integrated into the spool piece.

The pressure drop over the control valve (acting as a restriction) is measured continuously by the two pressure sensors. This pressure difference and the valve flow characteristic are the parameters for determination of the volumetric flow through the control valve, i.e. for the process value. This measured volumetric flow is compared with the set point, evaluated in a PID controller and set on the positioner as the new set point. The real flow characteristic curve for the current control valve is stored point-for-point in 5 % steps in the memory of the Top Control.

Type 8750

Flow rate controller for gases

Type 8750
  • Reliable and automated flow control on site
  • Stable control of the set point, independent on pressure fluctuations
  • Programmable alarm functions (pressure monitoring)
  • Simple start-up by manual setpoint setting and display
  • Leckage air compensation programmable for dense phase conveying systems


• Air flow control system for the pneumatic conveying of granular materials (grain, powder, etc.)

• Control system for propellants (gas or air) in pigging systems

• Control of combustion gases and air in industrial furnaces.


• Reduced maintenance due to the lack of moving parts.

• Improved operational environment with no dust due to the fully enclosed design.

• High flexibility of the transfer route.

• The possibility to carry out physical or chemical processes during the conveying process.

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