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Keeping Control Valves Clean

Process control systems that operate in hygienic environments are subject to extensive levels of regulation and certification as well as regular audits to ensure continued compliance. In order to meet both current and some future regulatory demands, companies are well advised to carefully plan any new installations but also review more recent innovations that can be implemented on an existing manufacturing process.

The excellent strength and clean ability of stainless steel makes it the material of choice for the vast majority of vessels, pipework and valves but achieving a high standard of cleanliness involves some refinement of the raw material. Some valves, such as Burkert ’ s ROBOLUX design, use a system of electro-polishing, which involves the removal of 30 µm of metal from the media contact surface with a special electrolyte, under the effect of DC current. The material is removed without mechanical, thermal and chemical influences. As a result, the surface becomes smooth and shiny in the micro range; possible damaged outer layers are removed, and the properties of the pure stainless steel can be utilized.

Burkert is able to test cleaning cycles and provide 100% reliability on the flow properties and clean ability of a complete valve system by using a riboflavin test rig. As one of the few manufacturers of fittings and valve interfaces in the world that owns and operates such a test rig, Burkert ensures that the effectiveness and efficiency of each design is proven. Our IP rating of choice for the hygienic industry is IP67 as it better suited to environments where regular cleaning takes place.

Type 8806

Robolux Multiway Multiport Diaphragm Valve with Control and Feedback Head

Type 8806
  • Allows optimized processes designs
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced number of valves and welds
  • Contactless valve position registration
  • Coloured illuminated status display and fieldbus AS-Interface (optional)

We at Burkert have developed some of the most advanced control valves designed to improve efficiency, reliability and offer precise control for processing applications.

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