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Energy Saving Bürkert Valves

Steam control valves play a vital role in food processing and as such are usually located in areas that require hygiene standards to be maintained both through external cleaning processes and internal sterilization methods.

Steam = Bürkert

Bürkert has engineered the most efficient Control Valve using a piston actuator that results in a compact footprint, requires less material (less expensive), consumes less air in operation and no air in equilibrium. On average the air consumption for these control valves can be reduced up to 50% which means the compressor energy consumption will drastically be reduced.

Precision and reliability are crucial in any control system and the designers at Bürkert have used high-gloss, polished valve stems to minimise friction and maximise the service life of the automatic, self-adjusting seals. In addition, the valve stroke position feedback transducer is not only integrated within the valve, but is also contact-less. Consequently, it never blocks or wears out, and always remains accurate because it measures the linear stroke motion directly without conversion. Finally, because the feedback transducer is fully protected inside the valve, the requirement for external linkages, nuts, bolts and connections is eliminated, maintaining the clean lines of the exterior valve casing.

The Bürkert Control Valves are by far the best in class and can certainly help reduce the energy bills.


Type 8802

ELEMENT continuous control valve systems - overview

Type 8802
  • Integrated automation with leading technology
  • High service life and maintenance-free operation
  • Excellent control characteristics, especially for angle seat and globe valve

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