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Bellow Valve for Filling Machine

One of the world class leading pharmaceutical company has large scale fermentation facility for Probiotics , Enzymes and Neutraceuticals with state of the art equipment in Genome Valley @ Hyderabad . It is totally committed to the discovery , development and commercialization of innovative formulations and drugs for improved health care at affordable cost.

Presently customer has facing problem of inconsistency on volume filling .

For volume filling application with the help of Hygienic Segment team we have recommended TYPE 2380 bellow control system with out of box thinking. We advised customer to maintain pressure on the tank instead of changing filling valve.

Due to the media separation principle this valve well fit for fermenter application on pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industries.

Bürkert hygienic control valve system is in full charge of rapidly increasing safety for tank  blanketing and virtually any pressure, flow and filling control applications in clean  environments.

TYPE 2380 bellow control valve designed to meet CIP / SIP application due to GMP , FDA approval and light weight .

We request you to sit down with us and tell us your ideas , We will make them flow.

Type 2380

2/2-way Bellow Control Valve

Type 2380
  • For neutral and aggressive media
  • Media separation by PTFE bellow
  • Hygienic design

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