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Burkert well known as Control Valve manufacturer for steam and also various fluids and gases. Burkert control valve comes with proportional control as well as On/Off valve features. They are designed to meet the life cycle status of the various industrial application such as Textile yarn and spinning , Automobile cooling tower and painting system , Food industry molasses , brewery processing & filling , Dairy industry CIP , Pharmaceutical CIP & SIP , and various utility application.


Burkert  has launched a new control valve which is synonymous with quality, efficiency, weight and ease of maintenance. We named this control valve as ELEMENT series ( eg. TYPE 2100 , 2106 , 2300 )  and old plastic body actuator valve as CLASSIC series ( eg. TYPE 2000 , 2012 ,  2712 ). The new Control Valve is a robust, compact and light weight with pneumatically operated with with the development of ELEMENT Top Control, Burkert once more proves its technological superiority. The digital positioners

and process controllers perform all control tasks in hygienic process technology – in perfect product control with hygienic process fittings as well as in the required auxiliary circuits. The control valve guarantees maximum precision due to protected internal position monitoring.



Pioneering innovation has created a remarkable range of attractive and efficient valve and control modules, which can be combined to give you the best possible match for media from slurries to steam and from deionized water to hydrochloric acid.


Steam has two main industrial uses; to sterilise an object or to transfer heat to an object – Burkert Key Application Steam Control and Heat Transfer . Burkert Modular designs allow high performance in wash-down process areas, and combine with advanced control possibilities, like decentralized electro pneumatic  on/off or continuous control, including in fieldbus communication systems. High life cycles counts are the norm with all Burkert process valves.

For over decades Burkert Contromatic Pvt Ltd ( Known as Burkert Fluid Control Systems ) has manufacturered and provided advanced quality instrumentation products for various industries such as Textile , Pharmaceutical , Food & Beverage , Automobile , Pulp & Paper , Chemicals , Water Treatment & Waste water treatment , Power , Oil & Gas , etc.

Two years warranty for control valves Type 8802 :

Proven quality. Guaranteed! 

Our Promise: Proven quality. Guaranteed! We offer you two years warranty for the control valve Type 8802 (excluding wear parts; valid for ELEMENT series). Convince yourself that our control valve, no matter the challenge, provides its many values to you.