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Filling level measurement and control

Regardless of the fluid level your container requires, partner with Bürkert and take your continuous filling level control tasks to new heights. Whether you are using pure gases or corrosive fluids, in large volumes or the smallest dose, we regulate your filling level precisely.

We are fascinated by everything that flows…

That is because the lowest common denominator in industry is the handling of fluids - measuring, dosing, mixing, filtration, controlling, setting and regulating are required everywhere. At Bürkert, we start by analysing your fluid challenge and then apply basic physical principles to overcome it. Thanks to our expertise in fluid technology and our related service portfolio, we always offer our customers the optimum solution – across all industry boundaries.

By the way: Our solenoid valves, process valves, control valves and electromotive valves can help solve every fluidic challenge.

Why we offer the best filling level measurement and control solutions

We recognise the challenges you face in the area of filling level measurement/control and we meet your requirements with in-depth expertise and extensive experience

In doing so, we draw on our accumulated experience of the physics of filling level control, which we then multiply across different applications and sectors to solve identical or similar challenges. This allows you to benefit from the wealth of experience that we maximise across all sectors and then apply selectively to your problems. It also means that we know precisely which of our services combined with which physical principle offers the best solution for your specific application.

Our value-adding solutions help you realise your operational goals

Working in partnership with you, we develop individual filling level solutions that precisely meet your expectations. We advise, we listen and we understand your needs so that we can come up with constructive ideas and creative responses to virtually all questions relating to fluid technology. As a solution provider, we build relationships with our customers based on trust. Our value-adding solutions help you achieve your operational goals.

The outstanding quality and reliability of our filling level products are your guarantee of high-quality, safe and flawless services

Bürkert is one of the few – if not the only – company to design and manufacture industrial products in-house for all key areas of fluid control systems. Leading technology products that offer outstanding quality and exceptional reliability are the minimum that our customers can expect from us.

The interdisciplinary cooperation of Bürkert experts avoids unnecessary information losses and saves valuable time

For our system customers, we are not only developers of fluidic solutions, but also experts in mechanical production, pump technology, coil production, plastics technology and welding technology. We are also tool-makers, hardware and software developers, switch/plant engineers, project managers and much more. We also handle all issues relating to worldwide certification. Providing customer-specific services not only means developing bespoke products, but also covering the associated production and logistics processes. The fact alone that you do not need to work with different subcontractors on the project delivers enormous time-savings and reduces the number of interfaces substantially. In this case, it is irrelevant whether you need a standard system or a complex control system.

Industry-specific technology platforms in the area of filling level measurement and control deliver remarkable time and cost savings

In many cases, a customer enquiry is the starting point for a system platform. Platform developments are interesting, for example, if they can solve customer problems across a wide range of industries and applications using the same basic physical principle. Whether one is filling soft drink bottles or a water dispenser is filling a glass – the task of detecting the maximum filling level is the same in terms of technology. The filling level of a fluid is measured.
In this way, an existing platform can serve as a basis on which to create a customised solution quickly and economically – significantly reducing your time to market and cutting costs as a result.

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