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Are you under pressure?

Whenever gases have to be precisely and reproducibly controlled or mixed, custom­ers put their trust in our competence.

Our solutions in the segment Gas.

Whether industrial material processing, power engineering, medical and analysis tech­nology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries – we are far more than just a manufacturer of products and systems. Bürkert is your partner for individual solutions which precisely meet your requirements in special applications with gases. Benefit from our experience with complex closed control loops and our openness to new ideas. We think in terms of modules, networks and are always striving to optimise your process for you and with you.

Why we are organized in segments.

Bürkert’s way of thinking and working in terms of application-based segments Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro  instead of industries may seem unusual at first. But it allows us to dive deep into your world and gives you the opportunity to benefit from surprisingly new and individual solutions far better than the industry standard.

This organization has two simple reasons:

The first reason is you. Why? These segments establish the most simple and logical connection possible to the application world of each customer. This close relation­ship is in turn the prerequisite for a better understanding of your requirements – and not just of ‘What you do’, but more importantly, of ‘Why you do it’. The answers to these questions are the only fruitful ground on which truly customised ideas can develop.


The second reason is our Bürkert team, which is respon­sible for you and your project. Because thinking and working in terms of segments guarantees consistent technology across industries and a constant flow of knowledge transfer. The synergy of expertise and differ­ent experiences in our teams is in turn prerequisite for developing not only industry-specific but also surprising ideas – faster and more original than others.

References in the segment gas:

Success Story KIWA

Helping to create an explosive atmosphere on a daily basis

Gas blending is a very important application in the gas segment. This technology plays a key role across many industries, from heat treatment to medicine to analytics. Gas is an invisible but powerful medium. This is particularly evident in the generation of potentially explosive atmospheres.

Customer reference
customised system solutions for W.O.M.

Gas control unit for insufflators of the next generation

W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH (WOM) is a worldwide leading supplier in the area of minimally invasive surgery.

Customer reference

Bürkert sponsors hydrogen electric race car – New era for automotive racing world

The fluid technology specialist Bürkert provided a fluid control system for the fuel cell stack of the hydrogen electric race car “Forze VI”. The racing team is run by students of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Customer reference

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